• Vehicles

    Some of our customer projects and vehicles we have been very excited to work on.

  • BMW E30

    This car we helped to restore back to it's former barn storming days.

  • KITT2000

    Our first KITT2000 project we've worked on, we are now helping the same customer to complete his second KITT2000

  • R35 GTR

    This GTR we have helped the customer to maintain

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ProMod Performance

The ProMod Solution

  • Pro Product Findings

    Here at ProMod we aim to help make finding that clip or fitting as easy as possible to find.

  • Pro Solutions

    At ProMod Performance we work towards finding that right part to help you complete the job.

  • Pro Pricing

    With Promod we believe that the customer should have a great price with every product we sell.

  • Pro Response

    We will always work towards keeping response times as quick as possible, and get the item you ordered shipped as quick as possible.