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Nissan R35 GTR CTE Ceramic Discs REAR with Brake Pads

Nissan R35 GTR CTE Ceramic Discs REAR with Brake Pads

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Using just the best raw materials combined with the latest manufacturing technology ProMod Performance is happy to offer this complete Ceramic Disc and pad solution to all R35 Nissan GTR Owners. 

ProMod Performance is an authorised CTE dealer for these ceramic brake disc conversions. 

The Discs


Compared to traditional metal brake discs, carbon ceramic brake discs are up to 70% lighter.

High Strength

Using long-fibre materials, the strength is about five times greater than that of more traditional and common short-fibre materials that are available on the market today. Capable of withstand greater impact and pressure and less prone to damage compared to more traditional discs.


The wear rate of carbon ceramic brakes is much slower than the traditional metal brakes and can withstand hot temperatures and extreme pressures for longer therefore giving better performance for longer periods whilst also reducing the frequency of replacing the discs and giving you the benefit of not only an increase in breaking performance but also reducing your costs long term.

Reduced Dust

Metal brakes produce large amounts of brake dust during use which can be a nightmare to clean off and maintain the quality of your wheels. With Carbon Ceramics this is no longer a problem with dramatically reduced brake dust on your wheels keeping them shining for longer.

Floating Disc Design

Our Carbon Ceramic brake system adopts a floating disc design, combined with a floating block patent which can reduce disc deformation/vibration during braking and improve not only the braking performance but also durability.

The Brake Pads

Our CSR5001 Brake pads are also included in the price and are specifically designed to work in collaboration with these ceramic brake discs giving you a complete replacement package. 

Pad Characteristics

A high quality, high friction, less noise and less dust brake pads that are suitable for use in all conditions and work in collaboration with our high-quality discs to reduce potential damage to the discs and extend the disc's lifetime greatly. 

  • The average friction coefficient of pads 0.421u
  • An effective temperature range of between 0 and 650c


  • 2x 380x30mm Rear Ceramic Brake Discs
  • 2x Bells and Bobbins
  • 2x CSR5001 Brake Pads


These CTE ceramic brake disc kits are made to order and imported once we have an order so please keep this in mind when placing an order. 


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